Fine Art: drawing, painting and etching

Thursday, April 29, 2010

The lovely ponds

At the expo Cadaver Exquise at KunstpodiumT, Kim Reinders, a classmate of WdKA, had this poetic idea for us to cooperate. She would make little ponds out of mirrors, plants and white soil. She would create a sort of pool/pond for my fictional characters to reflect the drawings. I istantly loved the idea. It made me think of Hylas and the Nymphs(1896) by Waterhouse and also the song and the clip Were the wild roses grow by Nick Cave and the 'Bad Seedes' and Kylie Minogue. I love the romantic cruelty in both.

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Bachelor Fine Art, educated at Willem de Kooning Art Academy Rotterdam. Exhibited at Walls Amsterdam, Blaak10Gallery Rotterdam, Witte de With Festival, Le Fabrique, Utrecht, KunstpodiumT (Tilburg), De Kunstsuper, Podium O950 (twice), and Las Palmas II in Rotterdam. "Hare Majesty"(etch 2010) got awarded third place in the annual Allianz Grafiekprijs(2010-2011). Currently I work and live at The Hague.