Fine Art: drawing, painting and etching

Artist Statement

My drawings are the keyhole to my imaginary land full of darkgreen forests with palepink beauties. The soap bubble I create tells the tale of innocence and coming of age, concentrating on the female gender. My work shows portraits of young woman and prepuberal girls, ready to embark the journey of the metamorphosis to a woman. I do not focus on the person or character, but on the physical appearance and all the symbolics intwined.

When I draw, I start from imagination and memory to evolve the image to a more naturalistic form later in the process. That makes my drawings vary from cartoonesque to more realistic.
I prefer working with a few colours, I want to focus on the lines and forms. Harwood-MDF and paper are great bearers because of their rough but pure skin. Pencil is my favourite, especially graphite, but tempera and acrylics are also great materials. Printmaking techniques such as etching is an excellent workmethod because it allows me to experiment with one image multiple times.

I find focusing on the subject extremely important: without words there is nothing to say, I guess. The theme is almost inevitable for me, I find it the most fascinating, unfathomable, inexhaustible subject.

Recently I got interested in Popsurrealism, or so-called Low-brow art. The depiction of characters and the figurative style, which is reminiscent of childhood-books and realistic painting, is prominently fitting the way I want to work.
The series of panels( size is a bit bigger than a square meter)I am working on is influenced by this non-conceptual contemporary art-movement.
My photo
Bachelor Fine Art, educated at Willem de Kooning Art Academy Rotterdam. Exhibited at Walls Amsterdam, Blaak10Gallery Rotterdam, Witte de With Festival, Le Fabrique, Utrecht, KunstpodiumT (Tilburg), De Kunstsuper, Podium O950 (twice), and Las Palmas II in Rotterdam. "Hare Majesty"(etch 2010) got awarded third place in the annual Allianz Grafiekprijs(2010-2011). Currently I work and live at The Hague.